Presentation for “The economy of the university – the university for the economy” meeting



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Modern multimedia presentation designed to meet the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Assoc. Barbara Kudrycka and rectors of universities and business representatives, which took place on 17 May 2012 in the Column Hall of the Prime Minister’s Office in Warsaw. The meeting ”Business for the University, Colleges for Business” was to increase the attractiveness of higher education graduates in the labor market, through the use of the possibility for institutions of higher education programs in consultation with partners in the economic sphere.

Animated words and letters appear in an interesting way on the screen in sync with the text read by teacher. The character and the appearance of the text corresponds to theread the text, such as when there is information on ”monitoring the fate of thegraduates” will zoom the text to simulate observation through binoculars. Presentation ofcolors corresponding to colors of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Were used for the production of 3d and postproduction techniques.


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